This Memorial Day I Shall Celebrate Freedom!

As we approach this upcoming Memorial Day weekend we think of those who are serving or have served to protect our freedoms. Like many of you, I have many relatives who have served during both war and peace, including my nephew, father, and grandfather. I’m proud of my family members for their service and thankful for the freedoms that they’ve afforded me by serving.

When we consider freedom and clothes-freedom, we need to remember that clothes-freedom is a freedom of our mind just as much as our body. When I’m clothes-free, I’m more free from stress, free from obligations, free from judging others, and basically just free to be me. Do I do this? YES! Do I value this? YES! Sometimes, though, I try to stay in the textile world to “fix” everything while also enjoying the freedom of mind and body in the clothes-free world.

For me, even being free from having my cell phone in my pocket is a HUGE freedom and I’m always thankful to have done this. Too often I’m attached to that darn phone to ensure that the world is running smoothly without me being with all of my friends, family, and clientele. Guess what? The world does not end when I’m not available by phone or email! And if there truly is something that I’m needed for, someone really wise invented voice mail so that I can address the concern when I’m available. What a relief! And it truly is a relief because I want to be stress-free, I want fewer burdens, I want to experience the freedom of just being me without clothing and a huge sense of responsibility.

What about you? What freedoms do you see within nude recreation? Is it just clothes-freedom that you enjoy or, like me, is it a new mindset that you embrace within your clothes-free living?

One last thing: don’t forget to hug, thank, and celebrate all of those who have served to protect our freedom!

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  1. Allen says:

    The freedom to walk through this world with a sense of who God is and to worship Him. We sometimes take for granted how much that freedom costs us to keep. For the men and women of this country who offer up their lives so that we can enjoy this country, we have to be truly grateful.

  2. Alan says:

    Memorial Day is a rough weekend for me anymore. I lost too many friends over there. I don’t want to bring anyone down but for me it is hard to celebrate. I usually stop by a cemetary and vist the grave of one of my fellow Marines and have a long chat and leave some momento. In doing this I hope to keep alive the memory of all my friends who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for my freedom. I then usually manage to head out for at least one day to my nudist club for a nice long hike to clear my mind. Enjoy the weekend but please take a moment to reflect on those who gave up all of their tomorrows for our today.

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