Life Changing

As I write, Hurricane Irene is supposed to be moving up the coastline. She has hit North Carolina and is expected to hit my part of New York sometime on Sunday (tomorrow.) With her comes rain, winds, and devastation. My dog has already shown that this storm is going to have great impact: pup, named Little Bare (I’m Big Bare, I guess lol,) won’t allow me to move away from her for a second. She is on my lap or in my arms at all times now.

Irene has power and nobody can deny that. I fear that she may prove that her power can take lives. Nudism, too, has power. Like Irene, nudism changes lives. Unlike Irene, nudism changes life for the better. Nudism brings wholeness, freedom, and peace. Nudism is the great equalizer. For me, nudism allowed me to truly live, which I’d never really done prior to experiencing this lifestyle. Several years ago I met with a counselor regarding some issues going on in my life. As I left that consultation she told me something that I’ll never forget: “You’re living in a coffin. You can either accept that and live a life that’s dead, or you can choose to emerge from that coffin somehow and truly live.” At the time, I didn’t really understand what that meant; how can you explain living to someone who had always been dead inside? But now I get it. Now I understand what it is to have hope and freedom. I know what it means to truly look forward to things and to wake up laughing each day.

The rain just began and the storm has begun. As the storm begins to rage outside, though, I continue to live in peace. Sitting here nude and writing to you, I know what life changing experiences are like and I know that Irene can do nothing to take my joy away.

I wish you all peace and safety this weekend.

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