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I am Woman: Hear my Clothes Come Off!

As I sit here nude and look down, I notice that I’m a woman. Wait, let me check again. Yep, I’m a woman. Being that I’m in Nude Recreation, I can be labeled a Woman in Nude Recreation. Deep, huh? What does it mean to be a Woman in Nude Recreation? I hear about this [...]


Those of you who are in the Northeast have noticed that we’re having a little premature spring here.  Though prematurity isn’t good for babies, it certainly is for nudists!  I loved working outside today- naturally, of course- in the 80 degree weather.  And spring doesn’t even begin until tomorrow! Spring is my season of hope.  [...]

AANR Parks are going to the Dogs

Finally, finally, I have a big date coming up.  It’s on Thursday and I can hardly wait for it.  Thursday’s weather is expected to be in the 70’s here and I’m purposely keeping some hours free on my schedule on that day for my big date.  Ahhhh… so excited, even if it’s just a date [...]