Those of you who are in the Northeast have noticed that we’re having a little premature spring here.  Though prematurity isn’t good for babies, it certainly is for nudists!  I loved working outside today- naturally, of course- in the 80 degree weather.  And spring doesn’t even begin until tomorrow!

Spring is my season of hope.  It is the season that sees my nudist camp open- which is always good.  With the opening, my friends return to my backyard, BBQs become plentiful, outdoor work can begin, skinny-dipping becomes a daily experience, and long walks in beautiful surroundings bathed in the sun alone become my norm.  Yes, spring is good.

As someone who has always lived in the Northeast, either in NY or PA, I’ve always wondered what it’s like to live somewhere that is always warm.  Do people in California, for instance, appreciate the spring the way I do?  Without the snow, do you really appreciate the heat?  Or is it even better to be somewhere in which you don’t have to long for the warm months for half the year?  I don’t know which is better but I’m sure it boils down to personal preference.  For me, I’m just glad that spring weather is upon us and our actual first day of spring is a mere hours away!

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  1. DreadFree says:

    I can’t speak for anybody else in Southern California, but I pretty much take Spring for granted. However, I do appreciate the extra hours of daylight.

  2. Mike B says:

    Glad you are getting the warm sun Melissa, here in Kent UK its been a very dry winter but temps are only in low teens and there is a keen wind,so not really good for outdoor nuding yet,but I’m off out this afternoon to try and find a sheltered spot where I can relax in my skin! Take care and stay bare!

  3. Andy/Diane says:

    I think many of us native Southern Californian’s take our weather for granted. We do have winter here. It can get cold, for us, at times and many of our cities and towns up in the mountains, foothills and deserts get snow but many of us are glad we can see from a distance and we don’t have to “dig” ourselves out of it!

    Spring in So. Cal is or can be just like most other days. Temps are cooler than Summer and Fall but still sunshine filled and plenty warm enough to lay out, do some yard work or…relax by the pool in the backyard or at the club or any of the resorts.

    It’s currently 63 degrees in our city in So. Cal. There’s no wind so…being nude outside is very comfortable. So…with that, I think I’ll end my post and head outside to lay in the sun!

    ;) A

  4. Paul says:

    On the subject of weather. Here in New Zealand, we are into the second month of Autumn (or as those in N.America call it ‘Fall’) so it is starting to get a little chilly. I’m sitting here nude while I am writing this, and looking forward to September when I dispense with my clothes again. Until then, it is at least a t’shirt.
    Come back warm weather. I miss you.

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