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New Thoughts and New Pride: The Cell Phone Question Continues

Earlier this week I blogged about cell phones here and in other places.  Why?  Because my campground is thinking about developing a new cell phone policy.  I must confess that my initial reaction to hearing discussion about this was frustration and annoyance because the policies are typically created because of people demonizing the cell phone. [...]

Nomophobia in Nudism: Hand Over the Cell Phone because I’m Feeling NAKED!

Being naked is gloriously wonderful. Being naked of my cell phone? Nightmare! Yet prohibiting cell phones is becoming common practice at nudist camps and results. This may make complete sense to an older person who wants to prevent their image from being uploaded to any of the crazy websites that are so easy to find, [...]

Naked Kindness isn’t Obscure, but a $2 Bill Is!

You gotta eat, right?  That’s what I’ve always thought and I run with the thought.  Somehow, this desire to eat doesn’t go away when at a nudist venue.  Many of my favorite venues have a restaurant or food area to fulfill this need and at my home campground they even let me run the hot [...]