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Barefoot and Fancy Free!

Summer is definitely here: the sun is shining, the heat is rising, the birds are singing, and the clothes are off. But what about feet? I’ve heard some people say that you are truly nude or a nudist unless you are barefoot. This has been an interesting thought for me for years. Like many, I [...]

Painting Lessons

These past few days I’ve been painting my bedroom to complete my dream of having a girly butterfly room. I can’t wait to see how it turns out as butterflies, to me, represent permanent positive change after life’s ugliness. Still, the whole painting thing has been quite a lesson. As I painted my living room [...]

Running into the Naked Past

If you look at pictures of old nudist events, you see a lot of activity.  That activity is called exercise, but if the word exercise scares you, we can just say they were active.  They swam laps, played volleyball, ran, played active games, and the list goes on.  Nowadays, we celebrate nudist stew, which is [...]

Living Healthy: It Really isn’t the 10th Circle of Hell!

Heatlhy.  You’ve heard of and so have I.  In the past, when I’ve applied this word to eating, the focus has been on the first syllable: Hell.   Eating healthy is Hell, right?  Yet being healthy is Heaven.  It seems like a contradiction and, somehow, many of us have hoped to be healthy without eating healthy.  [...]