Hot and Cold and Naked All Over

Call me a New Yorker- because I am one- but cold just doesn’t get to me. We as nudists talk a lot about “we’re nudists, not morons” when it comes to the question of what we do in the winter, namely do we go outside nude when the temperatures are cold. But what about those of us who just don’t get cold very easy?

Today is a good example of the true me coming out. The temperature outside was around 44 this morning as I went outside to do some yard work. I started off with sweatpants and a short-sleeved shirt on because of the temperature. Within a short time, though, I was hot. Granted, I was working hard doing physical things like tearing a ramp apart, raking, cutting a rose bush, etc., but I was just downright hot! Suffice it to say, the clothes came off shortly thereafter and my work got done at a more comfortable temperature for me.

I have to wonder what causes me to want the clothes to come off outside when it’s only in the low 40’s (with a RealFeel temperature even cooler.) Am I just a person who really loves being nude? What causes me to not get cold easily? Is this normal?

On the flip side, the summer comes and that’s nudist weather up here in the Northeast: 70’s- 90’s are the norm for the summer. For me, the 70’s are fine but the 80’s are pretty darn hot. When it starts hitting the 90’s or higher, I want to hibernate with my air conditioner on. Strange? Perhaps, but I never claimed to be normal.

How about you- at what temperature do you like clothes on? Any idea if that might be related to the temperature you’re used to or what makes you most comfortable at certain temperatures?

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  1. Tommie says:

    It has to be 60 or above for me. Although I was on Haulover Beach last Feb during a cold snap and it was in the upper 50′s without the wind. Brrrr …

    I can handle the 90′s in the nude all day long without ac. But then, having lived in the deep south for so long, I guess that is to be expected. :)

  2. James says:

    For me it depends on comfort and what activity I am doing, not necessarily the temperature. Sometimes in the colder weather I have an urge to go nude (especially following a shower)and although it is strange, it feels good. Other times in the cold I prefer to stay clothed.

    Same as on the other hand, I may go nude on a really hot day, or I may stay in the A/C with clothes on if it gets really hot.

    It completely depends on what I am doing and how I feel rather than temperature.

  3. Alcie says:

    Well I do think it is what your body is used to. If you go nude on a regular basis that is what your body thinks is natural. Since I started going nude on a regular basis I notice I can go nude in cooler temps and be comfortable. I also have a problem with 90 plus temps and I rather be inside in air condition during those temps.

  4. Rick says:

    I’m a native Floridian, but I’m very cold tolerant. As long as it’s sunny with no wind and I’m not moving around much, I’m OK well into the 50′s. Ideal is 70′s to low 80′s, sunny, with low humidity. Our typical 90+ with high humidity most of the year is more tolerable when naked, but it’s still very uncomfortable.

  5. Matthew Paige, Portland OR says:

    It all depends on what I am doing, or planning to do. If going to a hot spring, I can be naked take temperature down the 40′s, and if I am going to be active, such as hiking, I can take temperatures down to about 60. If I am just going to be sitting around or swimming in one of the local Rive4rs here in Oregon, , I prefer mid 70′s or higher. I am originally from los Angels and am definitely wrm blooded. To me clothing is for either warmth or protection. If it does not fulfill one of those needs, it isn’t needed (or wante4d).

  6. Andy and Diane says:

    First, I think there are many of us that “just like (or prefer) being nude,” and are nude whenever possible and that includes in temps that others may find clothing more suitable for the cold.

    I think we all have our own internal themostats and some of us warm up easier, others get colder faster. I, like you, seem to warm up enough to shed clothing much sooner than my wife or even our oldest daughter, who is always cold.

    We live in Southern California and our guage for “cold” is not the same as those of you that live in areas where your suburbs and cities get snow, heavy snow. We need to travel into the mountains to experience it or travel to places that are typically cold in fall and winter. For us … it’s cold when it’s in the 50′s but those that live in areas that have temps much colder than that … would see 50+ degree weather a blessing and make it easier to take their clothes off and enjoy being nude in that temp.

    As long as I am working, doing something to generate some internal heat … I’ve been nude in low 40 degree weather for a period of time. I’ve been nude in lower temps but not for prolonged periods of time. My wife’s nude thermometer is 68 degrees, sun, no wind. She gets cold easily.

    For me; given the change to be naked … I’m all over the thermometer! LOL


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