Hot and Cold and Naked All Over

Call me a New Yorker- because I am one- but cold just doesn’t get to me. We as nudists talk a lot about “we’re nudists, not morons” when it comes to the question of what we do in the winter, namely do we go outside nude when the temperatures are cold. But what about those […]

My First YNA Event: It’s All About the Love

Nudism is hailed as a way of living in which people’s diversity is accepted and appreciated. We all hear the nudist mantra about body acceptance and within the nudist community this acceptance is definitely seen. Within my own home club, I’ve seen people of all sizes, people with amputations/ mastectomies, people with colostomy bags, people […]

I am Woman: Hear my Clothes Come Off!

As I sit here nude and look down, I notice that I’m a woman. Wait, let me check again. Yep, I’m a woman. Being that I’m in Nude Recreation, I can be labeled a Woman in Nude Recreation. Deep, huh? What does it mean to be a Woman in Nude Recreation? I hear about this […]

Capture the Moment

These days, I’m going a lot of things with pictures.  I received a digital camera for Christmas and have been playing around with taking some nature shots.  On top of that, I put together a hardcover book through an online book-making service to create a story of my mom’s life for her birthday today.  (She […]

Middle School Misery

Did you know that the most failed class in Middle School (according to two social workers that I’ve recently spoken to who work in Middle Schools) is physical education?  It is.  And do you know WHY it is that so many kids are failing physical education?  Go ahead- guess! If you guessed the reason to […]

Life Changing

As I write, Hurricane Irene is supposed to be moving up the coastline. She has hit North Carolina and is expected to hit my part of New York sometime on Sunday (tomorrow.) With her comes rain, winds, and devastation. My dog has already shown that this storm is going to have great impact: pup, named […]

I’ve Got Friends in Nude Places

I’m very lucky this week. So are many others. Why? MY CAMP OPENED! That’s right, Juniper Woods is open for the season. This is my favorite resort in the world and I’d invite everyone to grab their towel and sunscreen to join me at the happiest place on earth. Juniper Woods is a beautiful campground […]

Ain’t No Road Too Long

There’s a song that I remember from my childhood that says, “There Ain’t No Road Too Long.” That song title pretty well describes my nudist journey, which has been the most amazing and healing journey I could ever travel and which has made climbing Mt. Everest look like a walk in the park. My journey […]